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中文注释: KaelKey 1.8 英文版 (与卡尔改键中文版的功能一致)

software interface screenshots

Function introduction:
1, a key -> switch method ball / switching skills / release skills
2, a key -> release skills to switch to 3 wex / 3 exort / 3 quas
3, a key for yourself or others used the skills.
4, support more key tool while operation change, and mutual influence.
5, support key combination, can effectively avoid repetition of the extra operation switch skills.

DotA KaelKey can let you better control a variety of skills, strong a key operational efficiency is higher.

because myself English level is weak, most of the use of Google translate is, hope foreign friends understand.

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    So usefull!

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    I want to ask you in what forum to talk about DOTA?

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