WarMP 2.5 - WC3 forever show manabars patch | 雨律在线

WarMP 2.5 update
1、Added to adjust the view and perspective of the function (New)
2、New function selection, you can only open manabars or open only adjust the view (New)

WarMP 2.3 update
1、support Warcraft III 1.26a - fix
2、manabars dark blue to light 3D blue

WarMP 2.2 update
1、auto read war3 installed path
2、support Warcraft III 1.26a

Show ManaBars in Warcraft III, support 1.20a/1.20e/1.24b/1.24e/1.25b/1.26a version of Warcraft III. support Garena
* This procedure only once installed, you can always use.

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  • DotA fan 回应于2013/04/16 16:16 回复TA

    Good tool, but have error, this tool gets mana bars of towers and always show them anywhere.
    Try fix it plz.


    • JiaJia 回应于2013/04/19 08:48 回复TA

      On your advice I will provide another solution

  • DotA fan 回应于2013/04/22 11:16 回复TA

    Thanks ^.^

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