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中文注释: WarKey++ 6.8 英文版 (与中文版的功能基本一致,支持最新的魔兽1.26a)

Hi guys. This tool helps you to edit the key of Numpad. (WarCraft3 Change HotKey)

WarKey++ Yours WarCraft3 Hotkey Helper

Program features:
The warkey++ doesn't effect the chat system (will automatically disable warkey when typing) and it is easy to use. Warkey++ is suit to every gaming platform (Garena, Battle.net). Warkey++ is suit to professional match.

Active/disable "hotkey function" hotkey [Home]
Active/disable "AI block mouse" hotkey [End]
Alt+[ ) Hotkey: show ally's hp bar
Alt+] ) Hotkey: show enemy's hp bar
Alt+M ) Hotkey: check current state of function
Alt+P ) Hotkey: Pause/Resume "game"
Alt+F4 ) Hotkey: Quit Game

Other Functions:
Automatically shield left [Win] when gaming
Automatically shield right [Win] when gaming
Hero skills Modify hotkeys

Quick Message:
Text preceded by "ALL|" to send to everyone
Text preceded by "OUR|" to send to allies
What is not add to the default sent

Authors: JiaJia     Http://Www.Yulv.Net
E-mail: YuLv_Soft@126.Com

1.This program supports the latest War3 1.26patch.
2.Active/Disable Enemy/Ally HP bars
3.Macro hotkey
4.Quick Message
5.Very simple and nice interface. Strong function.

all you need is just warcraft3 (1.20-1.26).

FOR Win7/Win8 USERS:
Perfect running in Win7/Win8 system, just like running in XP. You don't need to select "Run as administrator".

WarKey++ 6.8 update:
1. support windows8 (New)

WarKey++ 6.7 update:
1. enhanced compatibility (New)

WarKey++ 6.5 update:
1. support warcraft 1.26 - fix


NEW:  WarKey++ 6.8 (English)                OLD:  WarKey++ 6.5 (English) 
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  • enix 回应于2013/04/22 11:42 回复TA

    Hi, thank for your tool, this tool is excellent, I always use WarKey when I play DotA.
    But when I combat I often scroll mouse and ... zoom in >.<
    So that, can you add a new feature "Disable Mousewheel zoom" in WarKey?

    • JiaJia 回应于2013/04/22 14:57 回复TA

      WarKey is simple change key tool does not provide the mapping function of the mouse. WarHelper can achieve what you want, but this tool has not translated into the English version.And other time I can specifically to do a WarKey enhanced version for you to choose.

  • enix 回应于2013/04/23 09:08 回复TA

    Thank you very much ^.^

  • Beqa 回应于2013/05/28 08:33 回复TA

    Thanks for this amazing tool. But I always have problem with Shift key, after I use Shift to do a chain of actions with items(hotkey). I can't use that hotkey anymore without Shift.
    Can anyone give me a solution?

    • JiaJia 回应于2013/06/06 00:54 回复TA

      Modified hotkey combination Shift key does not support operation

  • dota ai map 回应于2013/06/30 00:28 回复TA

    oh friends thanks for the shared now i can run it on windows 8

    • JiaJia 回应于2013/07/03 22:17 回复TA

      This new version compatible with windows 8

  • Esaka Ibe 回应于2013/07/05 18:57 回复TA

    Thanks before, its very helpfull, but if you don't mind, can you send me the manual instruction to use this warkey, I had some little problem about how to understand all function from this warkey. especially wen to use autocast skill and additional skill of some hero (ex, traxex (autocast), ogre mage, xin, etc)

    • JiaJia 回应于2013/07/08 00:38 回复TA

      What you say is right-clicking skills mean?

      • Esaka Ibe 回应于2013/07/15 18:57 回复TA

        @JiaJia: yups, that's what I mean

  • yeyen 回应于2013/07/22 09:01 回复TA

    hi jiajia, can you add more "quick message" for this warkey ?
    i have a bot with many commands, so i want to do one click to create a command with this tools.

    • JiaJia 回应于2015/08/23 23:08 回复TA

      There are more powerful software, but it is the Chinese version, my English is not good, translation is not the past. For example warhelper and warzxx

  • z 回应于2013/07/28 02:02 回复TA

    Thank you very much ^.^

  • Loudico 回应于2013/08/11 18:50 回复TA

    thanks for this update. a compatible version in windows 8, but sad to say my antivirus gives error in downloading the file, a virus has been found in the file... pls confirm. i am using Avast! Free Antivirus 8.0.1489.

    • JiaJia 回应于2015/08/23 23:09 回复TA

      The principle of this software is the keyboard hook, some anti-virus software will be mistaken for malicious programs.

  • AAA 回应于2013/11/03 11:10 回复TA

    how to use hotkey for skills? fill up macro skills slots? but it does not work

    • JiaJia 回应于2013/11/19 11:02 回复TA

      In win8 compatibility problems may

  • kawish 回应于2014/11/15 09:20 回复TA

    Please Please Please Add 3 and 4 numeric keys for invoker and morphiling spells (Skill 5 and skill 6 option pls, pls pls,), This tool only miss those, Please add them too, with 3 and 4 keys, like in garena total, Thanks

    • JiaJia 回应于2015/08/23 23:04 回复TA

      WarKey++ 2013b , This version meets your needs

  • John 回应于2014/12/13 00:40 回复TA

    Please Create English Ver Maphack.

    • JiaJia 回应于2015/08/23 23:02 回复TA

      Foreign need this software people more?

  • kyo 回应于2015/03/21 15:38 回复TA

    why i cannot use my warkey even I download many time?

    • JiaJia 回应于2015/08/23 16:46 回复TA

      You can not specifically talk about how to use it?

  • z 回应于2015/04/03 11:34 回复TA

    y the browser said tat the file is malicious?

    • JiaJia 回应于2015/08/23 16:42 回复TA

      The principle of this software is the keyboard hook, some anti-virus software will be mistaken for malicious programs.

  • Lee 回应于2015/05/16 11:13 回复TA

    Can you make this warkey exe run WITHOUT administrator privilege?

    • JiaJia 回应于2015/08/23 16:37 回复TA

      No, because the keyboard is required to modify permissions